Logistics challenges aired at local Forum 17th March

The Central Coast Logistics Forum, which was formed at the groups first meeting in May last year, provides an opportunity for logistics managers, providers, manufacturers and like-minded people in associated industries to share the local logistics challenges confronting their businesses. The forum aims to find practical solutions to these challenges through the groups collective experience, exposing it to subject matter experts, government and industry support and looking at collaborative opportunities.

The first meeting of the Forum for 2017 was held in mid-March at TrendPacs manufacturing facility in Berkeley Vale and saw almost fifty people attend.
The meeting began with each participant speaking about the current challenges they were facing in their logistics area. The group was made up of distribution and warehousing companies, manufacturers along with representatives from the NSW Department of Industry, the Federal Government Entrepreneurs Programme and Central Coast Industry Connect (CCIC).

Issues raised covered a broad spectrum of areas and had a high level of commonality whether the business was large or small. The engagement within the group was very positive with discussion and questions that started prompting possible opportunities to pursue. The aim of the session was to flush out the issues and develop a priority list to be worked through in subsequent meetings.

Some of these challenges and opportunities identified were:

Import/ Export
  • Cost-saving opportunities outside of freight costs in the areas of Tariff and duty concessions.
  • Freight costs for moving containers from the Coast to port are exceptionally high when compared with other Sydney fringe locations.
  • Freight forwarders –inconstant standards of service and local availability.
General Freight
  • Smaller consignments of freight are delivered via Sydney adding lead time to loads.
  • Use of Freight Brokers or online freight Apps an opportunity for smaller consignments.
  • Freight rates to WA -opportunities for rail consolidation
  • Can we consolidate freight as a region to get better rates?
  • Back loading of empty trucks to get better rates
Logistics providers
  • Difficulty in maintaining staff.
  • Truck drivers ageing workforce and difficult to get young drivers.
  • Optimising fleet utilisation.
Other opportunities
  • Government red tape and Infrastructure.
  • Use of Technology freight, customer, forecast management.
  • Information sharing
Following the formal meeting, the group was hosted to a site tour of the TrendPac facility.
The Central Coast Logistics Forum is organized by Forsythes Recruitment and the NSW Department of Industry and is supported by Central Coast Industry Connect.

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