To grow, maintain and extend recognition for manufacturing on the Central Coast
Identify external trade initiatives (NSWBC – China) or trade shows to represent CCMC and to extend the reach of Central Coast Manufacturing.
Sponsor the Business Excellence Awards – ‘manufacturing innovation category’.2015 end date.
Identify key sectors of Central Coast manufacturing to know what we are recognising and be able to target companies to have them involved with companies of a similar nature.
To develop projects to support manufacturing and drive collaborative and innovative manufacturing practices locally.
Mapping the Connections follow up of Steel Fabrication Industry/ Mapping the Connections of the Food and Beverage Industry.
Identify innovative companies and showcase on website and newsletter.
Champions event from manufacturers in Group 1.
To develop local education pathways and partnerships that support manufacturing into industry job placements
Work with the Australian Business Apprenticeship Centre on partnerships of school-based apprenticeships to facilitate career placements. Educate employers of the economic benefits of apprenticeships and traineeships- workshops, events, and newsletter.
Connect graduates from local institutions with job opportunities on Central Coast. Extend the work integrated program.
Promote engineering opportunities through school network, facilitate high school trade students with manufacturers for training.
To promote the relevance of member organisations and their collaboration within the CCMC framework.
To educate Central Coast Manufacturers of the services available through the member organisations and the work they are doing, with the aim to strengthen the businesses and mitigate risk to enhance sustainability.
To allow member organisation the opportunity to promote their organisations at CCMC events.
Member Organisations to host events.
To strengthen the relevance of CCMC and its ongoing viability.
To strengthen financial sponsorship arrangements by delivering “real” value to partners.
To target Central Coast’s largest manufacturers with 2nd tier sponsorship recognition/link.
Develop a report card on achievements.
CCMC to continue to operate in a manner that is transparent and accountable to its member organisations.
To continue the current process of Board representatives being made up of member organisation reps & provide monthly activity and financial reports at Board meetings.
To set and report against agreed KPI’s.
To strongly promote the website, the CCMC intentions, and regular updates- Communication Strategy.